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Positively the Most (1960)Edit

Joanie Sommers - Positively the Most

Positively the Most

  1. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  2. Something I Dreamed Last Night
  3. It Might as Well Be Spring
  4. I'm Beginning to See the Light
  5. Heart and Soul
  6. I Like the Likes Of You
  7. What's New
  8. So in Love
  9. Oh, But I Do!
  10. Old Devil Moon
  11. Just Squeeze Me
  12. Too Young for the Blues

For Those who Think Young (1962)Edit

Joanie Sommers - For Those who Think Young

For Those who Think Young

  1. A Lot of Livin' to Do
  2. Out of this World
  3. 'Round Midnight
  4. Hey! Jealous Lover
  5. Hard Hearted Hannah
  6. Blues in the Night
  7. I Feel a Song Comin' On
  8. You Came a Long Way from St. Louis
  9. My Ship
  10. Ev'rything I've Got
  11. Why Shouldn't I
  12. I Feel Pretty

Come Alive! (1966)Edit

Joanie Sommers - Come Alive!

Come Alive!

  1. You'd Better Love Me
  2. The Shadow of Your Smile
  3. I'm All Smiles
  4. Girl Talk
  5. Sunday In New York
  6. You Take What Comes Along
  7. Call Me
  8. Watch What Happens
  9. Too Late Now
  10. A Wonderful Day Like Today
  11. It Had to Be You
    Bonus tracks on 2013 CD-reissue
  12. You've Got Possibilities
  13. Never Throw Your Dreams Away
  14. Alfie
  15. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  16. Take a Broken Heart
  17. Try to See It My Way
  18. Let It Be Now
  19. Love Song
  20. Never, Never
  21. You Take what Comes Along (Italian)
  22. Alfie (Italian)
  23. Come Alive (Pepsi jingle)

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Daddy
  2. Dear Heart
  3. Detour Ahead
  4. Fender Mender
  5. Johnny Get Angry
  6. June Comes Around Every Year
  7. Let's Talk About Love
  8. Meditation
  9. Namely You
  10. Once
  11. One Boy
  12. Pure Imagination
  13. Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
  14. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
  15. That's All
  16. This Can't Be Love
  17. Watching The World Go By
  18. When Sunny Gets Blue
  19. When Winter Comes

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Artist information:

Born: 1941 (as Joan Drost)

  • Occupations: singer, actress

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