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Poison Apples (Hallelujah)

This song is by Joan Osborne and appears on the album Righteous Love (2000).

Your memory comes back to me
To strangle me with its sweet taste
See God would never be so cruel
To make me live without your face
Now that I have made you crawl
It does you good to see me fall
Like poison apples from the tree
As heavy as a honey bee

I gave you away so easily
It makes me wonder why

Moving through you every night
The lovely girls in dresses tight
The angels dancing on a pin
The people we are downing in
Like a needle going in
Into the shining city skin
Oh I recall the moment when you ruined me for other men

I gave you away so easily
It makes me wonder why

If I die before you do
Believe me I'll be haunting you
I'll come upon you while you sleep
To drown you in a kiss
So deep

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