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Soul Show: Live at Delta 88 (1991)Edit

Joan Osborne - Soul Show- Live at Delta 88

Soul Show- Live at Delta 88

  1. Son Of A Preacher Man
  2. Fly Away
  3. Get Up Jack
  4. Crazy Baby
  5. Fingerprints
  6. Dreamin' About The Day
  7. Help Me
  8. Match Burn Twice
  9. Wild World
  10. 4 Camels
  11. Lady Madonna

Relish (1995)Edit

Joan Osborne - Relish


  1. St. Teresa
  2. Man In The Long Black Coat
  3. Right Hand Man
  4. Pensacola
  5. Dracula Moon
  6. One Of Us
  7. Ladder
  8. Spider Web
  9. Let's Just Get Naked
  10. Help Me
  11. Crazy Baby
  12. Lumina

Early Recordings (1996)Edit

Joan Osborne - Early Recordings

Early Recordings

  1. Fly Away
  2. Dreamin' About The Day
  3. His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
  4. Fingerprints
  5. 4 Camels
  6. What You Gonna Do
  7. Match Burn Twice
  8. Billie Listens
  9. Wild World
  10. Son Of A Preacher Man
  11. Get Up Jack

Righteous Love (2000)Edit

Joan Osborne - Righteous Love

Righteous Love

  1. Running Out Of Time
  2. Righteous Love
  3. Safety In Numbers
  4. Love Is Alive
  5. Angel Face
  6. Grand Illusion
  7. If I Was Your Man
  8. Baby Love
  9. Hurricane
  10. Poison Apples (Hallelujah)
  11. Make You Feel My Love

How Sweet It Is (2002)Edit

Joan Osborne - How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is

  1. I'll Be Around
  2. Think
  3. How Sweet It Is
  4. Smiling Faces Sometimes
  5. Love's In Need Of Love Today
  6. These Arms Of Mine
  7. Only You Know And I Know
  8. War
  9. Why Can't We Live Together
  10. Axis: Bold As Love
  11. The Weight
  12. Everybody Is A Star

Christmas Means Love (2005)Edit

Joan Osborne - Christmas Means Love

Christmas Means Love

  1. Christmas Means Love
  2. Santa Claus Baby
  3. Away In A Manger
  4. Christmas Must Be Tonight
  5. Cherry Tree Carol
  6. Christmas In New Orleans
  7. Children Go Where I Send Thee
  8. Angels We Have Heard On High
  9. What Do Bad Girls Get?
  10. Great Day In December
  11. Silent Night

Pretty Little Stranger (2006)Edit

Joan Osborne - Pretty Little Stranger

Pretty Little Stranger

  1. Pretty Little Stranger
  2. Brokedown Palace
  3. Who Divided
  4. Holy Waters
  5. What You Are
  6. Shake That Devil
  7. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends
  8. Time Won't Tell
  9. Dead Roses
  10. After Jane
  11. Till I Get It Right
  12. When The Blue Hour Comes

Breakfast in Bed (2007)Edit

Joan Osborne - Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

  1. I've Got to Use My Imagination
  2. Ain't No Sunshine
  3. Midnight Train to Georgia
  4. Baby Is a Butterfly
  5. Breakfast in Bed
  6. Cream Dream
  7. Natural High
  8. Heart of Stone
  9. Sara Smile (cover of "Sara Smile" by Hall & Oates)
  10. Eliminate the Night
  11. Break Up to Make Up
  12. I Know What's Goin' On
  13. Alone with You
  14. Kiss and Say Goodbye
  15. Heat Wave (iTunes bonus track)
  16. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (iTunes bonus track)
  17. Everybody Needs a Friend (iTunes bonus track)

Little Wild One (2008)Edit

Joan Osborne - Little Wild One

Little Wild One

  1. Hallelujah In The City
  2. Sweeter Than The Rest
  3. Cathedrals
  4. Little Wild One
  5. Rodeo
  6. To The One I Love
  7. Daddy-O
  8. Meet You In The Middle
  9. Can't Say No
  10. Light Of The World
  11. Bury Me On The Battery

Bring It On Home (2012)Edit

Joan Osborne - Bring It On Home

Bring It On Home

  1. I Don't Need No Doctor
  2. Bring It On Home
  3. Roll Like A Big Wheel
  4. Game Of Love
  5. Broken Wings
  6. Shoorah! Shoorah!
  7. I Want To Be Loved
  8. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
  9. Shake Your Hips
  10. I'm Qualified
  11. Champagne And Wine
  12. Rhymes
  13. I Feel So Good (Deluxe edition track)
  14. Boys, You're Welcome (Deluxe edition track)

Love and Hate (2014)Edit

Joan Osborne - Love and Hate

Love and Hate

  1. Where We Start
  2. Work on Me
  3. Mongrels
  4. Train
  5. Up All Night
  6. Not Too Well Acquainted
  7. Thirsty for My Tears
  8. Love and Hate
  9. Kitten's Got Claws
  10. Secret Room
  11. Keep It Underground
  12. Raga

Songs of Bob Dylan (2017)Edit

Joan Osborne - Songs of Bob Dylan

Songs of Bob Dylan

  1. Tangled up in Blue
  2. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
  3. Buckets of Rain
  4. Highway 61 Revisited
  5. Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
  6. Tryin' to Get to Heaven
  7. Spanish Harlem Incident
  8. Dark Eyes
  9. High Water (For Charley Patton)
  10. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
  11. Masters of War
  12. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
  13. Ring Them Bells

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

  1. Brick House from the compilation Grooves, Volume 8 (1995)
  2. St Theresa from Melissa Etheridge's I Wish I Was Your Lover (1996)
  3. Bring Me Some Water with Melissa Etheridge on the compilation VH1 Crossroads (1996)
  4. Strenuous Acquaintances from the soundtrack Mr. Wrong (1996)
  5. At Last from the soundtrack The Other Sister (1999)
  6. Spooky from the compilation On the Montain 5 (1999)
  7. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave from the compilation Standing in the Shadows of Motown (2002)
  8. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind from the compilation Just Because I'm a Woman: Songs of Dolly Parton (2003)
  9. Stand Back from the soundtrack Raising Helen (2004)

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