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Method and Sentiment (1996)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Method and Sentiment

Method and Sentiment

  1. Didatic Prom
  2. Please Sleep
  3. Trial at Orleans

A Portable Model Of (1997)Edit

Joan Of Arc - A Portable Model Of

A Portable Model Of

  1. I Love a Woman (Who Loves Me)
  2. The Hands
  3. Anne Aviary
  4. Let's Wrestle
  5. Romulans! Romulans!
  6. Post Coitus Rock
  7. Count to a Thousand
  8. How Wheeling Feels
  9. In Pompeli
  10. Caliban
  11. In Pamplona
  12. I Was Born
  13. (I Love A Woman) Who Loves Me

How Memory Works (1998)Edit

Joan Of Arc - How Memory Works

How Memory Works

  1. Honestly Now
  2. Gin & Platonic
  3. To've Had Two Of
  4. This Life Cumulative
  5. A Pale Orange
  6. White Out
  7. So Open; Hooray
  8. A Name
  9. Osmosis Doesn't Work
  10. God Bless America
  11. A Party Model Of

Live in Chicago, 1999 (1999)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Live in Chicago, 1999

Live in Chicago, 1999

  1. It's Easier To Drink On An Empty Stomach Than Eat On A Broken Heart
  2. Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Taylor?
  3. If It Feels / Good, Do It
  4. Live in Chicago, 1999
  5. (I'm 5 Senses) None Of Them Common
  6. Me (Plural)
  7. I'm Certainly Not Pleased With My Options For The Future
  8. When The Parish School Dismisses And The Children Running Sing
  9. Thanks For Chicago, Mr. James
  10. (In Fact I'm) Pioneering New Emotions
  11. Better De'd Than Read
  12. Sympathy For The Rolling Stones
  13. All Until The Greens Reveal Themselves At Dawn

The Gap (2000)Edit

Joan Of Arc - The Gap

The Gap

  1. (You) (I) Can Not See (You) (Me) As (I) (You) Can
  2. As Black Pants Make Cat Hairs Appear
  3. Knife Fights Every Night
  4. John Cassavettes, Assata Shakur And Guy Debord Walk Into A Bar
  5. Another Brick At The Gap (Part 2)
  6. Zelda
  7. Pleasure Isn't Simple
  8. Me And America (Or) The United Colors Of The Gap
  9. Your Impersonation This Morning Of Me Last Night
  10. Outside The Gap

How Can Anything So Little Be Any More? (2001)Edit

Joan Of Arc - How Can Anything So Little Be Any More-

How Can Anything So Little Be Any More?

  1. Leaving Needn't Take Long
  2. Ne Mosquitoes Pass
  3. We Neither Hide Nor Seek
  4. Most At Home In Motels
  5. My Cause Is Noble And Just
  6. My Fight Is Necessary
  7. What If We Are Not After All, All Destined For Greatness?
  8. I'll Show You, I'll Show You All

So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness (2003)Edit

Joan Of Arc - So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness

So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness

  1. On A Bedsheet In The Breeze On The Roof
  2. The Infinite Blessed Yes
  3. Perfect Need And Perfect Completion
  4. Olivia Lost
  5. Diane Cool and Beautiful
  6. Mr. Participation Billy
  7. Mean to March
  8. Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye
  9. Dead Together
  10. Madelleine Laughing
  11. Staying Alive And Lovelessness

In Rape Fantasy And Terror Sex We Trust (2003)Edit

Joan Of Arc - In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust

In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust

  1. Sing The Scarecrow Song
  2. Happy 1984 and 2001
  3. Excitement Is Exciting
  4. Barge
  5. Gang Language
  6. Moonlighting
  7. Dinosaur Constellations Part 1
  8. Them Brainwash Days
  9. Dinosaur Constellations Part 2
  10. No Corporate News Is Good News
  11. That Radiant Morning
  12. Them Heartache Nights
  13. Dinosaur Constellations Part 3
  14. In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust

Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain (2004)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain

Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain

  1. Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
  2. Apocalypse Politics
  3. The Title Track Of This Album
  4. Queasy Lynn
  5. White And Wrong
  6. Onomatopoepic Animal Faces
  7. For A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
  8. 80S Dance Parties Most Of All
  9. Deep Rush
  10. Gripped By The Lips
  11. Fleshy Jeffrey
  12. Abigail, Cops And Animals
  13. "Still" From Miss Kate's Texture Dictionary
  14. The Details Of The Bomb
  15. I Trust a Litter of Kittens Still Keeps the Colosseum
  16. The Telephones Have Begun Making Calls
  17. The Cash In And Price

Eventually, All at Once (2006)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Eventually, All at Once

Eventually, All at Once

  1. Eventually, All At Once
  2. I'm Calling Off
  3. Miss Cat Piss And Peppermint
  4. You Can't Change Your Mind
  5. Living Out In The Sea Of Umbrellas
  6. Many Times I've Mistaken
  7. The Words Have Cast Their Spells
  8. If All These People Can Understand Money
  9. Scratches A Pencil To The Paper's Dents
  10. Free Will And Testament

The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc (2006)Edit

Joan Of Arc - The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc

The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc

  1. Didactic Prom
  2. Please Sleep
  3. Trial at Orleans
  4. Busy Bus, Sunny Sun
  5. Stemingway and Heinbeck
  6. A Picture Postcard
  7. Forensic Economics
  8. You (single)
  9. I'm Sorry I Got So Drunk Before My Solo Set in Tokyo
  10. My Girlfriend Dumped Me After the Free Trip to Japan
  11. Please Don't Mistake My Arrogance for Shyness
  12. For a Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
  13. George, Oh Well (Stand and Clap)
  14. For the Skinheads and Hippies
  15. You Say Tornaydo and I Say Tornahdo
  16. Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny or Bildeberg Whore Kicks Him Out of Bed for Snoring (In the Key of Me)
  17. Violenci or Violencium
  18. The Evidence
  19. Song for Josh

Boo! Human (2008)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Boo! Human

Boo! Human

  1. Shown and Told
  2. Laughter Reflected Back
  3. Just Pack or Unpack
  4. 9/11 2
  5. A Tell-Tale Penis
  6. Everywhere I Go Everyone I Know Laughs And Says I Told You So
  7. Vine On A Wire
  8. Insects Don't Eat Bananas
  9. Lying And Cheating And Chasing You Around
  10. If There Was A Time Number 1
  11. The Surrender Number 1
  12. If There Was A Time Number 2
  13. The Surrender Number 2
  14. So-And-So

Flowers (2009)Edit

Joan Of Arc - Flowers


  1. Fogbow
  2. The Garden Of Cartoon Exclamations
  3. Flowers
  4. Fasting
  5. Explain Yourselves #2
  6. Tsunshine
  7. A Delicious Herbal Laxative
  8. Explain Yourselves
  9. Table Of The Laments
  10. Fable Of The Elements
  11. Life Sentence/Twisted Ladder
  12. The Sun Rose

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  1. George, Oh Well (Stand And Clap) from the compilation The Intelligent Design of Joan Of Arc (2006)

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