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Compilation album by Joan Armatrading.
  1. Show Some Emotion
  2. Cool Blue Stole My Heart
  3. Love And Affection
  4. The Weakness In Me
  5. Rosie
  6. I'm Lucky
  7. Drop The Pilot
  8. Down To Zero
  9. Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart)
  10. Whatever's For Us, For Us
  11. Willow
  12. Me Myself I
  13. (I Love It When You) Call Me Names
  14. All The Way From America
  15. Back To The Night
  16. When I Get It Right
  17. Heaven
  18. Temptation
  19. Kissin' And A Huggin' (Live Version)


  • "Greatest Hits" was originally called "Classics Vol 21" and released in the US in 1987.
  • It was remastered and re-released internationally in 1996 including a previously unreleased live version of "Kissin' And A Huggin'".

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