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Nothing I Can Do

This song is by Jo Dee Messina and appears on the album Burn (2000).

Here I am begging you to hold me
When everything is telling me to run
I should turn around, leave this town
Without a sound, and never say word one
Just call it done

But I'm torn right down the middle
I'm on both sides of the line
I know I should be leaving,
But the choice ain't mine

There's nothing I can do
I can't fight
I got a heart like a rocket
I just gotta ride it
The cold hard truth when it comes to loving you
There's nothing I can do

THese footprints on my heart tell a story
Many times it's been a stepping stone
It's been pushed around, broken down
Until I've found I was better off alone
Out on my own

I remember every heartache just like it was yesterday
But baby when you hold me, you take all that pain away


Oh I couldn't keep myself from falling
Even if I really wanted to


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