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This song is by Jinxed and appears on the album Beyond The Obvious (2004).

Instead of doing right,
You do things just for spite,
Well I wish that you could stop just for tonight.

He's guilty of empty promises,
And she's guilty for fulfilling them,
You've paved the way for them to leave,
Because you're the one who left them.

Well this situation's getting desperate,
You've left me no place to go.

You want revenge?
Well look within because it's tattered and torn,
We were beaten and worn,
But you never wanna see my face again.

Well no one questions you,
You think that you're the truth,
Well I'd hate to think that you're right this time.

Some words are better left unsaid,
But you're the best at saying them,
And your confidence makes me aware,
That this conversation's going nowhere.

I guess I'd like to finally see you,
Find out that you're all alone.

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