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Jin Vs. Sean Nicholas

This song is by Jin.

You ain't a Reggae arist and I ain't hatin' on you
Stop lyin', Mrs. Cleo is more Jamaican than you
I'm nice with it when I'm freein'
Who you think you bein'?
My pants are new, my sweater is new
Don't be mad at Chinese kid dressed better than you
Man I'm freestylin' now it's a rap, matter fact
You should ask clef how to make your flow tighter
Better yet, pay him 20 g's to be your ghost-rider
I'm nice when I'm freein'
You ain't beatin' me
Matter fact I'll be a buffet and you ain't eatin me
And don't make me start rappin' in Chinese on the microphone
"Lei faan ook kay lah" that means take your sorry butt home!

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