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Jin Vs. Logan

This song is by Jin.

Yo, if the rap game is whack, everybody's blamin you
You from brooklyn? then biggie must be ashamed of you
'Cause I'ma freestyle, show you how it is
Matter fact, you from bk, I heard they murder things
Only time he seen beef is when he go to burger king
I'm the player in the game, you cheerin in the stands
Matter fact, durin the superbowl, he was cheerin for the rams
You don't even like football, that's a myth like unicorns
He just like seein' grown men in tight uniforms
I'm freestylin when I'm kickin it
So ridiculous, put yourself in a bad predicament
By the way, my little sister has somethin' to say
"There's no way you'll beat my brother on freestyle Friday!"

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