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Jin Vs. Hasan

This song is by Jin.

With a name like "hassan"
You should join the taliban
Cause that's the only way you'll get flex to drop a bomb
When they retire me and I land in the booth
You'll be outside tryin' to shake hands with scoop
You got six victories? I wonder if this will hurt
The closest you'll get to 7 is the numba on ya shirt
Yeah I'm Chinese, now you understand it
I'm the reason that his little sister's eyes is slanted
If you make one joke about rice or karate
NYPD be in chinatown searchin for your body
Ask free she'll tell you to duck down
He thought the harlem shake was a drink from uptown
Whacha want to do son? I'm ill when I spit
I'm tellin' you right now, yo, you ain't legit
'Cause when I finish spittin'

Yo, yo, yo I really don't think you want it wif this cat Hassan
I'll have you in B.E.T hooking up fried wontons
Yo spitting at da Garden juss ain't working
Dats like sex and prostitutes and catching aids on propose
'Cause u's an ugly dude can't get a gurl so juss stop
Probablly eat so much coochie you think doosh is a mouthwash
(Crowd amp)
How you want it get 2 da head of da gut
Career be shorter than the space between my but and my nuts
Yo, yo, yo, yo, ya'.. Aww

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