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A Million And One Questions (Freestyle)

This song is by Jin.

Yeah, ruff ryder (uh) (say no more)
Cpu, what up kay
Crafty plugz is in the building
Amuary, happy birthday man, it's a beautiful thing (uh)
I know what chay'all askin yaselves, is he ever gonna come out?

A lot of questions on the flows that I spit, shows that I rip
Is he really freestylin or is a written shit
Them lines were off the top, you can hear it when I flow
Plus, how the hell am I gonna know what he gonna wear to tha show?
How does it feel tha be the 1st Asian of blow (umm)
Promise I'll let cha know when records sell out the store
Why the ruff ryders? man, if you only knew
How much did they sign you for, are you sittin' on 22z?
Did you get mad when AJ said you couldn't be cursing?(nah)
Oh, is Free just as fine in person?(yup)
You know prolly a thousand emcees
But how many did Rolling Stones say to look out for in 2003 (1... 2..)
Don't deny it, I'm almost famous
When I'm not reading movie scripts, I'm meeting wit Dub Davis.
Distributed by virgin if ya really wanna ask me
Do a track wit Janet, Miss Jackson if ur nasty
See the video, where I dance wit her too
Got a million question, heres a million answers for you

Yeah, cpu is in tha building, almost famous.
Jin, family and friends.
What up Wah, I see you Dee
The general is back, Ruff Ryder the next generation (uh)
Drag, jada, tha lox, d block, what up!? (yeah)
176, washington heights
Top of the hill crew, what's poppin'? I see y'all (uh)
Lets go

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