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Your Face

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Hidden Pictures (2004).

Now, has come our time to part
It's so clear in my head and so hard for my heart
I, will love you all my life, I know you love me too
And that's when I feel the knife

You, your love needs to roam
And my love needs you home
Your love needs, so much space
But my love needs to see
Your face

I, I reach to hold you tight,
But again you disappear, into the lonely night
I, I know the reasons why
But it doesn't seem to help
Hold back these tears I cry

You, your love plays defense
And mine's so damn intense
Your love needs a hiding place
But my love needs to see
Your face

You run again, I don't know where or why
There's only so much pain love can justify
And I can't say, we'll ever lose this dream
But can you stop a train
When she's built up so much steam

You, your love needs the space
And you, your love needs a hiding place
And your love disappears sometimes, without a trace
But in any case
My love needs to see
Right in front of me
My love needs to see

Looks like rain
Feels like rain
Surely looks like rain

Or are those just the tears
On my face
On your face


Written by:

James A White

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