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You're Stuck with Me

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Hidden Pictures (2004).

She looks so good and she loves me better
She owns me now 'cause I wanna let her
I love her big, big, big, big time
She stops my heart, on a dime, on a dime
So afraid that I'm gonna lose her, 'cause I want her oh so bad
She just laughs and says " now honey,
I'm the surest thing that you ever had"

You're stuck with me, boy don't you know
I ain't ever gonna let you go
You're stuck with me and that's no lie
I ain't ever gonna say goodbye
Honey, you better get it through your head
You're struck with me, until you're dead

She loves it up and she loves it down
She loves to shake it, round and round
She loves it morning, noon, and night
She loves it loose and she loves it when it's tight, when it's tight
So afraid that she's gonna flake, and she's gonna set me free
She just laughs and says "now honey,
There's just two sure things,
Death and me"

Holding her sleeping alone in the night,
Whispered "I love you's" into the moonlight
Like a heart beating
I know she's waiting for me
I want her to go, but I need her to stay
Softly she's breathing, it's so far away
Like a heart beating, I know she's waiting for me
'Cause I hear her say
You're stuck with me


Written by:

James A White

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