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​The Heart of Forever (Amy's Song)

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Two Cities (2011).

We all meet stormy weather

And we are all, in this life together
Everyone can come to the dance
Everyone deserves to have a chance
She was a person who fought to the end
A daughter sister mother wife and devoted friend
There wasn't anything, Amy wouldn't give
She would have wanted you, to have a chance to live

So come all, and so come one
For every battle lost, there's a war yet to be won
Her spirit lives, so very near
In the heart of forever
She's still here

In the name of love, the heart breaks
In the name of life, for all our sakes
We share and we care
We fight what's so unfair
Stealing heaven from the grasp of hell
Your offered hand
Lifts yourself as well

Love, live, fight, give, speak, hear
In the tenderness of fingertips

That brush away a tear
In the heart of forever, she's still here

Written by:

James A White