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​Sure Feels Like Love

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Hidden Pictures (2004).

You say you don't think that you love me
But you'd never know it by the way that you hold me
Your body's tellin' you something baby
But you'd never know it from what you've told me
You say I'm in it deeper than you
You just wanna be good friends
But every time that we're together
That's how it begins
But not how it ends

You can deny that we fit like a glove
You can lie about what you're dreamin' of
You can try to kid yourself, endlessly
But baby it sure feels like love
To me

You say you don't think you should love me
'Cause you're been hurt too many times before
But all the games you might have lost, baby
Still don't change this one's score
You say I don't understand you
You just don't think that anyone could
But all I don't understand is
Your acting so bad when its feeling so good

I'm not tryin' to lead you on
I'm just tryin' to lead to
A little bit of me, a little bit of love
That's a little bit overdue

Written by:

James A White