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So Far Behind

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Two Cities (2011).

Darkness with the light
Blindness with the sight
Wrongness with the right
Disabling my will to action
Sadness from the wasted
Precious moments tasted
Copied cut and pasted,
Aching for some satisfaction

And I hear the siren calling
All my defenses stalling
And my fear
That keeps me falling
So far
So far behind

Hands offered seeming nice
But once I took it twice
I had to pay the price
A blank check on all that I owned
Love comes seeming real
But it's not what I feel
It's just part of a deal,
Where I can't pay back
What I was loaned

Is it forever, feeling my feet
Stuck in a past amassed
Of concrete?
Do I have the strength,
Do I have the time
Or am I just the victim
Of the perfect crime
The perfect crime
Now I'm...
So far behind

So, so far
So far behind


Written by:

James A White

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