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​My My Maria

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album One Track Heart (2007).

All around the island I have made myself
I never had the space for anyone else
But floating to me gently
Maria came to shore
And I found this island had room
For just one more
Now I say

My my, my my Maria
Dancing to the music
I never thought
Anyone else could hear
My my, my my Maria
I can hardly believe it's true
My my, my my Maria
Can you?

Helpless, or so happy
Neither could I be
They weren't words
You'd ever apply to me
But then nothing on this island
Will ever be the same
Like every time the earth moves
When I say her name
When I say

I'd have never known this wonder
Here in my own world
The joy and love that I could find
From just one girl
Like you

Oh my Maria

Written by:

James White