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This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Two Cities (2011).

Every choice, every word, every promise broken
Every kindness, every deed, never ever done
Every truth, every lie, every sentence spoken
Every battle lost, every battle won
Every love, every hate, every vow forever
Every pettiness and judgement, harsh or fair
All remembered in a place, you can sell it
You can keep it, you can save it, if you care

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is there someone here at all?
Mirror, mirror can you see
The soul I've left inside of me
(Mirror, mirror can you see)
The soul I've left inside of me
(Mirror, mirror look at me)

Every day, every year, each and every minute
Every second ever silent as they come and go
We can fill it, we can thrill it, we can still it
We can kill it
And never know

In the tears or the laughter
And of all that comes after
All that really matters
Is the mirror on your wall

Written by:

James A White