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I Only Call You When I'm Drunk

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Two Cities (2011).

I only call you when I'm drunk
That's why I call you every night
I only call you when I'm lit
Is it only then I see the light?
Am I braver when I'm drunk
Are you cuter when I drink
Am I dumber when I'm sober?
These are the stupid things I think

Maybe I'm a modern man
Just too cool to be involved
But the wine dissolves my defenses
And unleashes longings unresolved

Do you only answer when you're drunk?
Oh, do you have longings too?
I only call you when I'm drunk
That's my compliment to you

Does the wine make it really me
Does the beer make it really you
Does the mode of transportation matter
If the destination's true?

I only call you when I'm drunk
You only answer when you are too
Do we only love when we're both drunk?
I don't know,
I hope you do


Written by:

James A White

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