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​Hard Ride

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Two Cities (2011).

Ooh baby you look so good
Just like a model from Hollywood
Picture perfect
With a guarantee
To make a first class fool out of me

My heart's been takin'
A hard ride
Nobody can see on the inside
There's only one thing
That I ain't tried
And that's being alone
That's being alone

You're the same solution
That I've used before
The latest, greatest
Gonna give me more
But every savior, I must confess
Has cost me more
And loved me less

I'm feeling my heart
Grow cold and still
As all of my fears
Overwhelm my will
I think that you could be
The one for me
But do I have the energy?
Is it still inside of me?
'Cause my heart's been takin'
A hard ride

Written by:

James A White