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Ghost of a Chance

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Hidden Pictures (2004).

Steven I never knew you, I only know your name
And even though it's not your fault, pal
There's only you to blame
If you hadn't died that day, I never would've met her
You two would be married now, and I wouldn't be cryin'
Tryin' to forget her

She was born to be with you
You were born to die too young
I was born to fall in love
With a girl too badly stung
How was I to know?
This was a hopeless romance
I never stood
A ghost of a chance

If you can't accept the past, you'll never want the new
Her heart's still buried with you there
Sometimes Steve, can you believe it buddy
I wish I were you

Steve, I know, you wouldn't want it this way
Is there nothing I can do?
Do you know someone to whom I can pray?
To break through the fear
Her eyes showed so clear
On the day that she told me she loved me
Like she loved you

I never stood, a ghost of a chance


Written by:

James A White

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