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​Change My Life

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album One Track Heart (2007).

I never expected to feel this way
I never suspected I'd want to say
The things to you
That I want to
I never thought that a love could grow
From something that started out so slow
But I know how I feel
And I know that it's for real

You make me want to change my life
You make me want to turn around
And call it lost, at any cost
And call you found
You make me want to love you more
Then anything I've done before
I only want to hold you tight
Each and every night
You make me want to change my life

I thought that my life was set
But you showed me that it wasn't yet
Now I'm up in the air
But I don't really care
'Cause I'm crazy as a man can be
For you, and the thought of you loving me
Now I've got to know
Baby should I stay
Or should I go

Change my life
You make me want to
Change my life

Written by:

James A White