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​A Man Needs to Know

This song is by Jimmy White and appears on the album Hidden Pictures (2004).

He usually won't ask
He doesn't want to look insecure
But you've gotta let him know girl
If you want to be sure
That he knows you really love him
So if you want to make sure he won't go

A man needs to know
That you're his woman
You need to show
That you care
So if you don't want him to think
You don't care if he stays or goes
A man needs to know

He keeps it inside
He's afraid to show he's got needs
But if you cut him through the heart girl
Believe me baby, he bleeds
He needs to hear you tell him
Even though he may never say so

You can take him or leave him, you can leave him alone
But don't cry that he should have known

A man needs to know that you're his woman
And you need to show that you care
So if you'd rather be happy
Then just being right
If you'd rather his arms
Be around you at night
If you want all his feelings to show
A man needs to know

Written by:

James A White