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​Blue And Brown

This song is by Jimmy Wayne and appears on the album Jimmy Wayne (2003).

We were like a pair of shoes, you never saw one of us
Without the other, we were brothers but we weren't kin
Those neighborhood football games was the only time
You might ever see us on different teams back then
Ah we'd cuss one another for all that the other was worth
But in our hearts we were only cussing each other's shirt

CHORUS: I wore blue and he wore brown
But we both knew the colors didn't count
At the end of the day we'd walk away
There was no doubt that we were friends for life
I wore blue and he wore brown

We lost touch, I got a job working for the state
He did a crime, got some time, oh I'd never thought
That waitin' for the transfer bus to arrive at gate number one
When it pulled up he'd step off in cuffs, oh how I fought
Back the tears as I led him down to cell block three
He said I know you're just doing your job, as I turned the key
And just like those football games that we played in
There we stood on different sides again

True friends are few and far between
But nothing comes between true friends