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​After You

This song is by Jimmy Wayne and appears on the album Jimmy Wayne (2003).

This old four-way stop
I've been here a lot
More times than I can count
Right goes to Mama's place
Left to the interstate
Straight ahead goes straight through town
It's good to be back home
I waited way too long
A part of my heart has never been gone

CHORUS: 'Cause I'm not one bit closer to being over you
It's almost like the hands of time haven't moved
'Cause everywhere I look I see your memory
Hanging round
They ought to name this town after you

There's where we used to park
The night my truck wouldn't start
We gave into love the very first time
There's where you said you'd wait
Till I came back someday
Too many some days slipped on by
That's where you live now
Elm Street, second house
I can't blame you girl for settlin' down

You, after you
Things will never be the same
But then again after you
Everything is still the same

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