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This song is by Jimmy Somerville and appears on the album Dare To Love (1995).

It was only the lights and the alcohol
But he looked like a porno star,
Some kind of adonis
And by my side I saw the angel sigh
As the devil won me over I knew
It was gonna be a wild night
Gonna be a wild night
He would make me feel alright
Make me feel alright

It was only the drugs and an altered mind
I gave myself to the pain,
It gave him pleasure
Oh it gave him a pleasure
He made me feel alright

He made me feel alright

Took me to paradise
Made me feel alright
The man made me alright

Made me feel alright

We were riding high to another plane
My eyes were closed,
But my mind was open to persuasion
Oh such persuasion

The blood had dried by the morning light
I was coming down but hell
We had such a wild night
Oh we had such a wild night

He made me feel alright
made me feel alright
You make me feel...

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