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Daddys Got A Gun

This song is by Jimmy Ray and appears on the album Jimmy Ray (1998).


Heres my heart, I've seen in the rivers
I play so hard, for hours in the sun
Been so long, since I've been by the river
Id take you home now, but your daddys got a gun

Your daddys got a gun, ooh yeah
Your daddys got a gun
We're just havin' fun, your 16 now so let it come

Fi hi hi hi its underneath the river
Well I'm gonna try to catch you on my tongue
We can dance and listen to the river now baby
Dip your hands and fingers in the mud

Ooh yeah

Fi hi hi hi up underneath the river
I'm gonna try to catch you on my tongue
Looks all right just hangin' by the river now baby
This still night, we'll go on and on

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