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Star Wars Medley

This song is by Jimmy Fallon.

Colin Quinn: This week the first advanced reviews of the new
Star Wars movie came out. Really excited about it is Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon: Thanks, Colin. In two weeks, the big movie comes out
And I'm totally psyced to see it. The build-up is huge, I mean, there's
People camped out for weeks just to get tickets, ya know

Every morning there's a line around my corner
'Cause I live next to the cineplex

Scalpers wanted, like two hundred for a ticket
Didn't have it so I wrote them a check

I just can't believe it
George Lucas is a genius
Star Wars is back again

First I'm gonna see it
And then I'm gonna see it again

Every morning
Shut the door, baby, the movie just started
Every morning...

Jimmy: Something like that. And Sam Jackson's in it, too. And he's
Gonna- he's cool man, he's cool, he's gonna play this guy called
Mace Windu

To Eminem's My Name Is

Hi kids, do you like sci-fi action
With Sam Jackson
Gonna grow up like Titanic with Bill Paxton

Cool brother with the bald head and goatee
Isn't he the first black guy to be in Star Wars Since Billy D

Hi, my name is
Huh, my name is
Who, my name is

Chicki, chicki, Mace Windu

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