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Halloween Medley

This song is by Jimmy Fallon.

Colin Quinn: And now with some thoughts on trick-or-treating
Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon: Thanks a lot, thanks, Colin
I realized I'm too old to be dressing up for trick-or-treating
And yet I still wanna go to people's houses and ring their doorbells
Ya know? So this year, this year, I'm going Halloween caroling

Colin: Halloween caroling?

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah. This is where I write halloween versions of my
Favorite songs, I go up to people's doorbells, ring 'em, and then do a
Little bit of this:

And it's seven more days left in October
And it's one more week 'til Halloween

And it's been so long since I trick-or-treated
I think I should, nah nah nah nah, yeah, yeah

Colin: So what do they do?

Jimmy: They give me candy. Ya know, I just ring the doorbell and
I go

Well she said it's cold outside I said it's October
And when we get to the party
We see someone else is dressed like Jenny McCarthy

And she says, 'baby
I thought that I'd be the one and only', yeah

And she says, 'baby
Lets have a drink and then leave, I mean, oh I'm pissed
Can't believe some else wore the same costume'

Jimmy: See, like, everyone can do it, ya know. Yeah everyone can
Do it, its easy. Even girls can do it. Here's Alanis Morissette:

How 'bout mini candy bars, aren't they maronic
How 'bout cheap people that give you bags of pennies, yeah

Thank you, Mike 'n Ike
Thank you, candy corn
Thank you, thank you, smarties

Jimmy: So, like, this year, this year, get ready, ya know. 'Cause if
This thing catches on, somebody might ring your doorbell and go:

I have eggs and candy, yeah
Shaving cream is in my hair
Shine my flashlight at people that stare in my direction
Mama, this is happy Halloween to you
Yeah, mama, this is happy Halloween

Colin: Jimmy Fallon, everybody

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