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Drinking In The Woods

This song is by Jimmy Fallon and appears on the album The Bathroom Wall (2002).

I don't wanna, do we have to
I don't wanna, do we have to

Don't wanna go down and drink in the woods
We could get some Mad Dog and hang out in my garage
I've got a ping pong table

I don't wanna, do we have to
I don't wanna, do we have to

Don't wanna drink in the woods, it sucks
Sit with 20 dudes and a pickup truck
And we're gone
I've got my thermals on

Gatorade bottle filled with warm Smirnoff
Got too close to the fire, burned my eyebrows off
I puked by a tree, I pee in the grass
And you get poison ivy all over your ass
your in the woods

*harmonica solo*

Don't wanna drink in the woods tonight
Last time I did I got into a fight with some guy
Who graduated three years ago

I paid five bucks for a plastic cup
Foam is spitting out and it won't fill up
So I pump that tap with my best friend
And he flipped me over for a keg stand, keg stand
I'm drinking in the woods

I'm drunk, tree trunk!
I'm drunk, tree trunk!

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