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(I Can't Play) Basketball

This song is by Jimmy Fallon and appears on the album The Bathroom Wall (2002).

Yo!Are you ready for some air ball throwin', free throw blowin',
No look where I'm goin', free style flowin'?
You are in my house baby.
Well, It's tip of time, and I'm off the tip
Walkin' to the bench and I sit bite my lip busting out rhymes
Standing in line 'cause it's garbage time.
'Cause I'm calm, I'm cool and I'm collected
Eighteen shots that got rejected.
I'm not Corey Feldman, I'm not Corey Haim
I got a license to drive but I ain't got game
Jimmy, What'd you say?
You can't play basketball
Jimmy, what'd you say?
You can't play basketball

Wear my socks high, 'cause it makes me feel cool
Don't know how to dribble but I know how to drool
People always say that I'm a basketball fool I got a little
Tiny hoop cold "floating" in my pool
Played my friend's dog, on a twenty dollar bet
I took him to the hole, I took him to the vet
Shoot from the three every chance I get
I call it in the air, nothin' but nothin'

Okay, here's my chance the open lane. Don't get nervous. Don't sweat.
Everyon's watching, you can do it, man.
I mean, just dribble up. Don't double dribble. Just dribble normal.
Don't show everyone that you can dribble super fast between your legs,
Like you do in your driveway.
No, this is in front of people on the court.
I'm gonna go up in the air,
I'm gonna dunk it as hard I can.
'Cause usually, I'm on the other end, people dunking on me.
I'm used to some 7 foot dude's "thingy" getting smacked in my face.
I still got the bruise to prove it. But I ain't gonna take that
Nickname "Dick Bruiseface" lying down
My name ain't Dick Bruiseface!

Well listen up y'all, you know I'm not tall
My name was never written on the bathroom wall
I'm gonna say "What's up?"
I'm gonna take the fall
'Cause I'm a moving pick, I'm gonna shoot some bricks
So I huff and puff, I say enough z'nuff
I'd rather watch Ahmad Rashad on the Inside Stuff
Go airball, go airball, I say airball,
Say airball, go airball, go airball, go airball

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