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This song is by Jimmy Eat World and appears on the album Static Prevails (1996).

Original video
One chance to show your face
That's one shot, all you get
Pass by your one good thing
Lift your head back, shoot and chase

Never hear you laugh like that, so full
Not since you were nine
Unsettled, severing
Always severing old ties
One last goodbye
May last the rest of your life

Learn your restricted ropes
Paint a cross on your left hand
One good thing signed away
And with it your only hope

Attention focused on today
So quiet, slip behind my back
Unsettled, severing
Always severing dead ties
One last goodbye
May last the rest of your life

One-way trip can work both ways
Loose ends kept untied make better friends
The things you buy may someday leave you

(I still see you)
Can you say full ride?
(I still see you)
Can you say?
(I still see you around)
Can you say full ride?
Can you say?

Written by:

Jimmy Eat World

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