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Hard Road (1967)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Hard Road
Hard Road
  • Single
  1. Hard Road to Travel
  2. Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Jimmy Cliff (1969)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Jimmy Cliff
Jimmy Cliff
  1. Time Will Tell
  2. Many Rivers to Cross
  3. Vietnam
  4. Use What I Got
  5. Hard Road to Travel
  6. Wonderful World, Beautiful People
  7. Sufferin'in the Land
  8. Hello Sunshine
  9. My Ancestors
  10. That's the Way Life Goes
  11. Come Into My Life
    Bonus Tracks on CD-reissue:
  12. Let's Dance
  13. Give a Little, Take a Little
  14. Those Good, Good Old Days
  15. Pack Up, Hang Ups
  16. My World Is Blue
  17. Better Days Are Coming
  18. Where Did It Go?

Another Cycle (1971)Edit

Jimmy Cliff Another Cycle
Another Cycle
  1. Take a Look at Yourself
  2. Please Tell Me Why
  3. The Rap
  4. Opportunity Only Knocks Once
  5. My Friend's Wife
  6. Another Cycle
  7. Sitting in Limbo
  8. Oh How I Miss You
  9. Inside Out, Upside Down
  10. Our Thing Is Over

The Harder They Come (1972)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come
The Harder They Come
  1. You Can Get It if You Really Want
  2. Draw Your Breaks
  3. Rivers of Babylon
  4. Many Rivers to Cross
  5. Sweet and Dandy
  6. The Harder They Come
  7. Johnny Too Bad
  8. Shanty Town
  9. Pressure Drop
  10. Sitting in Limbo
  11. You Can Get It if you Really Want
  12. The Harder They Come

Struggling Man (1973)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Struggling Man
Struggling Man
  1. Struggling Man
  2. When You're Young
  3. Better Days Are Coming
  4. Sooner or Later
  5. Those Good, Good Old Days
  6. Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving You
  7. Let's Seize the Time
  8. Come on People
  9. Can't Live Without You
  10. Going Back West

House of Exile (1974)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - House Of Exile
House of Exile
Jimmy Cliff - Music Maker
Music Maker
  1. Brother
  2. I Want to Know
  3. You Can't Be Wrong and Get Right
  4. House of Exile
  5. Foolish Pride
  6. No.1 Rip-Off Man
  7. Long Time No See
  8. I've Been Dead 400 Years
  9. Look What You Done to My Life, Devil Woman
  10. Music Maker
  11. My Love Is Solid As a Rock
  12. Money Won't Save You

In Concert: The Best of Jimmy Cliff (1976)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - In Concert
In Concert: The Best of Jimmy Cliff
  1. You Can Get It If You Really want
  2. Vietnam
  3. Fountain of Life
  4. Many Rivers to Cross
  5. Wonderful World, Beautiful People
  6. Under the Sun, Moon and Stars
  7. Wild World
  8. Sitting in Limbo
  9. Struggling Man
  10. The Harder They Come

Follow My Mind (1976)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Follow My Mind
Follow My Mind
  1. Look at the Mountains
  2. The News
  3. Im' Gonna Liven I'm Gonna Love
  4. Going Mad
  5. Dear Mother
  6. Who Feels It (Knows It)
  7. Remake the World
  8. No Woman no Cry
  9. Wahjahka Man
  10. Hypocrites
  11. If I Follow My Mind
  12. You're the Only One

Unlimited (1977)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Unlimited
  1. Under the Sun, Moon and Stars
  2. Fundamental Reggae
  3. World of Peace
  4. Black Queen
  5. Be True
  6. Oh, Jamaica
  7. Commercialization
  8. The Price of Peace
  9. On My Life
  10. I See the Light
  11. Rip Off
  12. Poor Slave
  13. Born to Win

Give Thanx (1978)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Give Thanx
Give Thanx
  1. Bongo Man
  2. Stand Up and Fight Back
  3. She Is a Woman
  4. You Left Me Standing by the Door
  5. Footprints
  6. Meeting in Afrika
  7. Wanted Man
  8. Lonely Street
  9. Love I Need
  10. Universal Love (Beyond the Boundaries)

Give the People What They Want (1981)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Give The People
Give the People What They Want
  1. Son of Man
  2. Give the People What They Want
  3. Experience
  4. Shelter of Your Love
  5. Majority Rule
  6. Let's Turn the Tables
  7. Material World
  8. World in Trap
  9. What Are You Doing with Your Life
  10. My Philosophy

Special (1982)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Special
  1. Special
  2. Love Is All
  3. Peace Officer
  4. Treat the Youths Right
  5. Keep on Dancing
  6. Rub-A-Dub Partner
  7. Roots Radical
  8. Love Heights
  9. Originator
  10. Rock Children
  11. Where There Is Love

The Power and the Glory (1983)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - The Power
The Power and the Glory
  1. We All Are One
  2. Sunshine in the Music
  3. Reggae Night
  4. Piece of the Pie
  5. American Dream
  6. Roots Woman
  7. Love Solution
  8. Power and the Glory
  9. Journey

Reggae Greats (1985)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Reggae Greats
Reggae Greats
  1. Vietnam
  2. Sitting in Limbo
  3. Struggling Man
  4. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
  5. Bongo Man
  6. The Harder They Come
  7. Sufferin' in the Land
  8. Many Rivers to Cross
  9. Hard Road to Travel
  10. You Can Get It If You Really Want
  11. Sooner or Later

Cliff Hanger (1985)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Cliff Hanger
Cliff Hanger
  1. Hitting with Music
  2. American Sweet
  3. Arrival
  4. Brown Eyes
  5. Reggae Street
  6. Host Shot
  7. Sunrise
  8. Dead and Awake
  9. Now and Forever
  10. Nuclear War

Hanging Fire (1988)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Hanging Fire
Hanging Fire
  1. Love Me, Love Me
  2. Hanging Fire
  3. Girls and Cars
  4. She Was so Right for Me
  5. It's Time
  6. Reggae Down Babylon
  7. Hold Tight (Eye for an Eye)
  8. Soar Like an Eagle

Images (1989)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Images
Jimmy Cliff - Save Our Planet Earth
Save Our Planet Earth
  1. Turning Point
  2. Rebel in Me
  3. First Love
  4. Everliving Love
  5. Trapped
  6. Pressure
  7. Image of the Beast
  8. Save Our Planet Earth
  9. No Justice
  10. Johnny Too Bad
  11. Dance Reggae Dance
  12. The Grass Is Greener

Breakout (1992)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Breakout
Jimmy Cliff - Breakout alt
Breakout (alternate cover)
Jimmy Cliff - Samba Reggae
Samba Reggae
  1. I'm a Winner
  2. Breakout
  3. Oneness
  4. Peace
  5. Stepping Out of Limbo
  6. War a Africa
  7. Roll on Rolling Stone
  8. Be Ready
  9. Jimmy Jimmy
  10. Haunted
  11. Baby Let Me Feel It
  12. Samba Reggae
  13. True Story
  14. Shout for Freedom

Higher and Higher (1998)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Higher
Higher and Higher
  1. Higher And Higher
  2. You Can Get It if You Really Want
  3. Wonderful World, Beautiful People
  4. Many Rivers to Cross
  5. I Can See Clearly Now
  6. Soul Mate
  7. Ashe Music
  8. Crime
  9. Save Our Planet Earth
  10. Bob, Yu Did Yu Job
  11. Rebel in Me
  12. The Harder They Come

Journey of a Lifetime (1998)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Journey
Journey of a Lifetime
  1. Journey Intro
  2. Looking Forward
  3. Rubber Ball
  4. Burden Bearer
  5. Let It Go
  6. Higher and Deeper Love
  7. All for Love
  8. Super Bad
  9. Where Will U Be
  10. Daddy
  11. Street Vibes
  12. Democracy Don't Work
  13. Learn to Love
  14. Change
  15. Journey of a Lifetime
  16. Simple Truth (featuring Squeegee)

Humanitarian (1999)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Humanitarian
  1. Humanitarian
  2. Rise up
  3. Giants
  4. Come up to My Love
  5. How Long
  6. Let's Jam
  7. Keep the Family
  8. Drifters
  9. The Hill
  10. I Walk with Love
  11. I'm in All
  12. Humanitarian (Slow)
  13. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  14. You've Got a Friend

Fantastic Plastic People (2002)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Fantastic Plastic People
Fantastic Plastic People
  1. Fantastic Plastic People
  2. Love Comes
  3. Positive Mind (The World Is Yours)
  4. City
  5. Jamaica Time
  6. Peole
  7. Terror
  8. War in Jerusalem
  9. Over the Border
  10. No Problems Only Solutions
  11. I Want I Do I Get
  12. Dreams
  13. Untitled

Black Magic (2004)Edit

Jimmy Cliff - Black Magic
Black Magic
  1. I Want I Do I Get (featuring Spice)
  2. Dance (featuring Wyclef Jean)
  3. Jamaica Time
  4. People (featuring Sting and Tony Rebel)
  5. Fantastic Plastic People
  6. Love Comes (featuring Annie Lennox and Hawkeye)
  7. Black Magic
  8. World Is Yours (Positive Mind) (featuring Tessanne Chin)
  9. Terror (September 11th)
  10. Over the Border (featuring Joe Strummer)
  11. War in Jerusalem
  12. (Ooh la, la, la) Let's Go Dancing (featuring Bounty Killer and Kool & The Gang)
  13. City
  14. Take Your Time (featuring Yannick Noah)
  15. No Problems Only Solutions
  16. Good Life

Other SongsEdit

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  1. (Ooh LA, LA, La) Lets Go Dancin'
  2. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
  3. Big Bad John
  4. Bonus Track
  5. Club Paradise
  6. Do The Reggay
  7. Gold Digger
  8. Goodbye Yesterday
  9. Guns Of Brixton
  10. Hakuna Matata
  11. I'm Free
  12. I'm Sorry
  13. It's My Delight
  14. John Crow
  15. Miss Jamaica
  16. One More
  17. Reggae Nights
  18. Ruby Soho
  19. Samba Raggae
  20. Save The Planet
  21. Seven Day Weekend
  22. Ship Is Sailing
  23. Soul Captives
  24. Sufferin in the Land
  25. The Bigger They Come The Harder They Fall
  26. Third World People
  27. Too Many Rivers to Cross
  28. We Are All One
  29. Wonderful Word, Beautiful People
  30. Wonderful World, Beautiful People/de
  31. Wonderful World
  32. World Upside Down
  33. You Can Get It If You Really Want It

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