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This song is by Jimmy Buffett and appears on the album Volcano (1979) and on the album Boats, Beaches, Bars, Ballads (1992).

I play the stereo loud
When I'm away from the maddening crowd
Smoking, joking, clowns we all are
Sometimes I kinda get real ill
When I receive my monthly telephone bill
But you say it and I'll pay it
'Cause it helps me to

Survive, stay alive
'Til I see you again
Survive, stay alive
Can't say where it ends

Clouds lift and there are mountains below
Been a while since I've seen any snow
It's chilling, so thrilling so good to be back
Feels nice to be home for a while
Let's sip champagne till we break into smiles
We'll go dancing, romancing
'Cause your the reason I

Survived, stayed alive
Through the thick and the thin
Survive, stay alive
When will it all end

But my bags ain't unpacked
'Cause I've got to go back and play
But I know we'll both

Survive, stay alive
Through the thick and the thin
Survive, stay alive
Until it all ends

Oh we'll survive, stay alive
When will it all end
Survive, stay alive
Till I see you again

Written by:

Jimmy Buffett; Mike Utley Wikipedia16

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