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No Plane On Sunday

This song is by Jimmy Buffett and appears on the album Floridays (1986).

You can throw your luggage down
Lose your cool and stomp around
But there's nothing, nothing you can do

Wipe away your girlfriend's tears
Go to the bar and have some beers
There ain't no way that bird's getting through

No plane on Sunday
Maybe be one come Monday
Just a hopeless situation
Make the best of it's all you can do
To make it through

Over heard the engineer
Say something bout the landing gear
Now we're running strictly on island time
I know you've got someone back home
So do I it's tough alone
Oh c'mon, it's just a minor crime

No plane on Sunday
Check it again come Monday
Just a hopeless situation
Make the best of it's 'bout all you can do
Baby it's true

Shouldn't spend these precious hours trying to figure this out
We don't know where the story ends
Let's don't go back to just being friends

So they went walking on the beach
Quarter moon within their reach
So they stole it, and tucked it in their hearts

Cause when they heard the engines hum
And realized the dawn had come
It was over, over from the start

No plane on Sunday
Just another lonely Monday
Make the best of a Bad situation's 'bout all you can do
Baby it's true

Ohhhhhhhhh baby it's true
Ohhhhhhhhh baby what's new
Ohhhhhhhhh baby what's new

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