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Miss You So Badly

This song is by Jimmy Buffett and appears on the album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes (1977) and on the album All The Great Hits (1998).

I guess it all blew up in Missoula
There just was no other way
After months of goin' crazy, there was nothin' left to say
But when the dust had finally settled
And the air had quickly cleared
Whoa, things were better off than I had feared

And I miss you so badly, girl I love you madly
Feelin' so sad now since I been gone, gone, gone
And it gets quite confusin', it seems that I'm losin'
Track of the long days since I been home

We're stayin' in a holiday inn full of surgeons
I guess they meet there once a year
They exchange physician's stories
And get drunk on Tuborg beer
Then they're off to catch a stripper
With their eyes glued to her "G"
But I don't think that I would ever let 'em cut on me

And I miss you so badly, girl I love you madly
I think I've been had though for stayin' so long, long, long
And I'm just watchin' the gong show, waitin' for Zorro
Losin' the long days since I been home

I got a head full of feelin' higher
And an ear full of Patsy Cline
There is just no one who can touch her
Hell, I'll hang on every line
Oh, crazy how things happen, it's incredible but true
The longer I'm gone the closer I feel to you

And I miss you so badly, girl I love you madly
I'm feelin' so glad just to be headin' home, home, home
I've been battlin' motel maids and chewin' on Rolaids
Countin' the hours till I get home
Whoa, I been countin' the hours till I get home

Written by:

Jimmy Buffett; Greg "Fingers" Taylor Wikipedia16

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