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Blue Heaven Rendezvous

This song is by Jimmy Buffett and appears on the album Barometer Soup (1995).

Blue light guitars
And tropical breeze
Hummingbirds mime the words
As they dance in the trees
It's a flashback kind of crowd
It's a cabaret sound
There's still some magic left
In this tourist town

Those crazy days and crazy ways
We never want to un-do
We'll be together now and forever
At the Blue Heaven rendezvous

We were weird roman candles
Burning bright at both ends
At the end of the road
Is where this story begins
Where the green of the gulf
Meets the blue of the sea
What makes it all happen
Still a mystery to me

-Repeat Chorus-

If these walls could talk
I don't know what they'd say
They've seen some accidental masquerades
But it's no surprise
Dances till dawn, heroes long gone
Just let that guitar play

-Repeat Chorus-

We'll be together now and forever
At the Blue Heaven rendezvous

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