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30 Days

This song is by Jimmie's Chicken Shack and appears on the album Bring Your Own Stereo (1999).

If I don't kid myself, If I don't care about a thing
Would I be light enough to fly?
And if I just rid myself the weight of memories and doubts
Would I be light enough to fly?
And if the world was flat would you jump off?
I think I'd float down like a feather
She lights the stars in the sky
You know, angels can see them clear, through foul weather

And when the race ends, will we all fall down
Safe and Sound,
For 30 Days

She wakes up and I'm caught staring again
She asks me "What did you dream?"
I haven't stopped and isn't this part of it
As we lay rivers where once were streams
And when the race ends will we all fall down
Safe and Sound
If we lost our way, would we trade it now
For the way we found- the ground
And how

For 30 days
30 days
Without the sun
30 days
30 days
Just a little scared of what we might become

And we're home when we're together, Home when we're together
30 Days

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