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Night Bird Flying

This song is by Jimi Hendrix and appears…

She's just a night bird flyin' through the night, fly on
She's just a night bird making a midnight, midnight flight, sail on, sail on
Well, she's flyin' down to me
But, 'til tomorrow, got to set her free
Set her free

So all we got, baby, is one precious night
All we got is one precious night
Throw your blues and shoes and things
And lay it down under the bed
Just wrap me up in your beautiful wings
Better hear what I say, yeah
Oh, carry me home

Please take me through your dreams
Inside your world, I want to be

Until tomorrow, no tears will be shed
Hold on 'til the sun gets out of bed
Hold on, hold on, baby
Fly on
Sail on, sail on, sail on
Sail on
Fly on, baby

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