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In From The Storm

This song is by Jimi Hendrix and appears…

Well I, I just came back today
I just came back from the storm
I said: I just came back, baby
I just came back from the storm
Yeah, from the storm
Well, I didn't know it then
But I was sufferin', sufferin'
For my love to keep me warm
It was so cold and lonely, yeah
The wind 'n' cryin' blue rain
Were tearing me up
It was so cold and lonely
The crying blue rain was tearing me up
Oh, tearing me up. (tearing me up)
I wanna thank you my sweet darling
For digging in the mud and picking me up
(Thank you baby)
Thank you so much!
(Thank you baby)
(Thank you baby)
(Thank you baby)

It was a crying blue rain burning my eyes
The wind and lightning struck by a surprise
It was you my love who brought me in
I love you so much
I'll never stray from you again

I just came back baby
I just came back to get my baby on her way
Yeah, yeah

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