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Catfish Blues

This song is by Jimi Hendrix and appears on the compilation album Blues (1994).

Well I wish I was a catfish,
Swimming in, lord, the deep blue sea.
I'd have a, all you pretty women,
fishin' after me, fishin' after me,
fishin' after me. Yeah.
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah.

When I went down, my girlfriends house.
And I sat down, lord, on her front step.
And she said a, come in now Jimi.
My husband just now left, just now left.
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah.

Well there's two, two trains runnin',
but there's not one, lord, that's goin' my way.
You know there's a one train runnin' at midnight.
Other one leave just for a day,
leave just for a day.
Ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah, ohh yeah.

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