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Bleeding Heart

This song is by Jimi Hendrix and appears…

This song is a cover of "Bleeding Heart" by Elmore James.
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Bleeding Heart
Peoples, peoples, peoples
You know what it means to be left alone
Peoples, peoples, people, (now hear me!)
You know what it means to be left alone
Lord it happened to day
Lord not even a call on my telephone
Lord a little love, babe
In the world is all I need
A little love and understanding baby
It's all in the world I need
Lose of love
A misunderstanding of a no good woman
Lord they've both caused my heart to bleed
All right
Every mornin'
Every mornin' the willows weep among for me
Every mornin' yes the willows weep among for me
The birds sang the love song
My baby's caused my heart to bleed down
Every mornin', every mornin'

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