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Danny Man

This song is by Jimeoin.

Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny Boy! - x4

There's a story back in Ireland, the country that I'm from
About a certain Danny Boy, I think the story's wrong
He's been around for years and years, I think you'll understand
Danny Boy by now, he should be Danny Man.

Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny Boy! - x2

You can hear it in an Irish bar, sung by drunken men
But the only words that I can hear,
Are "sung from glen to glen"
His middle name is "Danny", his first name is "Oh"
His sirname is "Boy", the song we all know

Oh Danny Boy, they'll always sing about you
All 'round the world, in every Irish bar
'Tis you, 'tis you, that keeps my heart in Ireland
Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so

Ireland's biggest export is their people don't you know?
And the more Irish they become, the further that they go
St Patrick's Day parade is bigger in New York
Cause everybody's Irish cause their mother comes from Cork
They start the day by marchin, but they end up in a bar
As everybody knows, the Irish love a jar
The craic is many and the room is full of joy
But their's never any value when they start singin Danny Boy


A million years from now, we'll be livin out in space
You'll probably meet a Martian, who doesn't have a face
You'll tell him you're from Ireland, and he'll begin to talk
He goes, "I know it well sure, my mother comes from Cork"
You'll get into a rocket, driven by Mr Spock
He'll take you to a bar where the Guinness hits the spot
There's never any value, there's never any joy
If you've ever heard a Martian singin Danny Boy...
(In space, no-one can here you scream)


Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny.. Danny Boy! - x2

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