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Your Wedding

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album A Touch Of Sadness (1968).

I'm on my way to your wedding
How I hate to go there
But I just couldn't stay, couldn't stay away
For you see I still care.

I couldn't stand not knowing
What this man you'll marry's like
What a sad trip to your wedding
But sadder coming back.

When you take his hand and make your plans
The plans we made are through
And though it hurts, and hurts, how it hurts
My best to both of you.

--- Instrumental ---

I received your invitation
And I held it in my hand
But to tear this letter open
Was more than I could stand.

Would it matter if I told you
That I cried for my first time today
But I've got my tears turned off
So please don't look my way...

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