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You Kept Me Awake Last Night

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album Good 'N' Country (1963).

You kept me awake last night
Thought about you
'Til broad daylight
If you ask me
It just ain't right
This keepin' me awake at night.

How you expect
A poor guy to last
With nothin'
But a lonesome past
Though you're gone
You're never out of sight
You kept me awake last night.

I was foolin' myself
By goin' to bed
'Cause I saw your face
In the book that I read
I hug my pillow
And whispered sleep tight
But you kept me awake last night.

--- Instrumental ---

When twilight came
I said goodbye to the sun
Then thought about
All those sweet things you done
And I know the same thing
Will happen tonight
You kept me awake last night...

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