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Make Me Wonderful in Her Eyes

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album My Cathedral (1967).

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
And for someone more dear to me
Than words can tell or eyes can see.

Expose my heart and lay it bare
Let her see the love that's there
Use your power so great and wise
Make me wonderful in her eyes.

Every night I bow my head
And say a prayer for daily bread
Tonight I ask for a greater prize
Make me wonderful in her eyes.

Let her look at me
Through the eyes of love
And treasure me
To the stars above.

Let her know how strong the need
As earth needs rain for strength to seed
Make her love the night and day
You always answer when I pray.

Touch her heart with tenderness
And let me feel completely blessed

Let her vision come behold
The mirror of my very soul
Reflect our love to twice it's size
And make me wonderful in her eyes.
Make me wonderful in her eyes...

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