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It's Nothin' to Me

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album Tall Tales and Short Tempers (1961).

Take your drink to the end of the bar, buddy
Let her be, now don't be a fool
I'd soon have a hot seat in Sing Sing, buddy
Than to sit down by her on that stool.

What's that you say
I guess you're right
It's nothin' to me.

--- Instrumental ---

See that man she belongs to him, buddy
Better drink up and go while you can
I can tell by the way he looks at you, buddy
He's sure out with temper jealous man.

What's that you say
I guess you're right
It's nothin' to me.

--- Imstrumental ---

There you are stretched out on the floor, buddy
Now you see what you made him do
Here they come to take him off to jail, buddy
And tomorrow someone will bury you.

Oh, well that's life
Or it was
It's nothin' to me...

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