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Ichabod Crane

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album Singing Down the Lane (1956).

I'll tell you a story of a love and his flame
You've read about him he's Ichabot Crane.

He went a courtin' one night on his horse
And Sleepy Hollow they both had to cross
While ridin' and thinkin' bout the girl he would wed
It was there that old Ichabot lost his head.

Across Sleepy Hollow a horseman did follow
And follow and follow poor Ichabot Crane
Don't want to end up like Ichabot Crane
Who lost his head and went up in the flame.

Sleepy Hollow I'm gonna evade
That was the mistake that poor Ichabot made
I'm a losin' my head and startin' to burn
Ain't any too smart but I'm willin' to learn.

You can't talk me in to a staying out late
That was poor Ichabot's biggest mistake
Across Sleepy Hollow a horseman did follow
And follow and follow poor Ichabot Crane.

--- Instrumental ---

In the legend of Sleepy Hollow tis said
The horseman had a pumpkin for a head
My head may be sore and I may not be bright
Just one more little kiss and that's all for tonight.

I'm afraid that your kisses will drive me insane
And I'll end up like Ichabot Crane
I'm a headin' right home and a jumpin' in bed
That's the best way I know to hang on to my head.

Across Sleepy Hollow your mem'ry will follow
And follow and follow this Ichabot Crane...

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