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Gypsy Heart

This song is by Jim Reeves and appears on the album Bimbo (RCA Victor) (1957).

Oh Gypsy heart when you hear
The whistle of a train
You forget the promise that you made
Down in lover's lane.

You forget the kiss is warm
The way you held her in your arms
You forget the way you thrilled her heart
With all your gypsy charms.

Ou ou oow
Hear the whistle blow
Ou ou oow
Away, away you go.

Gypsy heart, oh you want love
But not just any kind
You'll be the death of love for me
Oh gypsy heart of mine.

I met a girl Birmingham
With eyes so big and blue
I loved her since she said I can not roam
My dear, with you.

She said I want a little home
A heart to love and not to roam
I'm sure someday you'll find your own
A gypsy heart like you.

Ou ou oow
Hear the whistle blow
Ou ou oow
Away, away we go.

Up till now the girls you loved
Have been very smart
They know even the change of love
Can't bind this gypsy heart.

Gypsy heart the wind that blows
So far across the sea
Most of you will come along
There's Pretty things to see.

In Ireland there are fair colleens
And songs of long we know
And the lovely ladies down in Spain
Oh, gypsy heart let go.

Ou ou oow
Hear the whistle blow
Ou ou oow
Away, away you go.

Has been doin' everything
Since Noah sailed his ark
So we'll keep rolling 'til we find
Another gypsy heart..

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