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Eureka (1999)Edit

Jim O'Rourke - Eureka
  1. Prelude to 110 or 220 / Women of the World
  2. Ghost Ship in a Storm
  3. Movie on the Way Down
  4. Through the Night Softly
  5. Please Patronize Our Sponsors
  6. Something Big
  7. Eureka
  8. Happy Holidays

Halfway to a Threeway (1999)Edit

Halfway to a Threeway
Halfway to a Threeway
  1. Fuzzy Sun
  2. Not Sport, Martial Art
  3. The Workplace
  4. Halfway to a Threeway

Insignificance (2001)Edit

  1. All Downhill From Here
  2. Insignificance
  3. Therefore, I Am
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Good Times
  6. Get a Room
  7. Life Goes Off

Simple Songs (2015)Edit

Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs
Simple Songs
  1. Friends with Benefits
  2. That Weekend
  3. Half Life Crisis
  4. Hotel Blue
  5. These Hands
  6. Last Year
  7. End of the Road
  8. All Your Love

Songs on CompilationsEdit

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